What Handyman Jobs Pay the Most?


To maximize your earnings in the handyman field, focus on specialized roles like Shovel Operator and Tradesman. Their salaries range between $44,000 to $69,500 per year. Shovel Operators play an essential role in heavy machinery operations, guaranteeing steady demand. Tradesmen with specialized expertise can access career growth opportunities. Opting for these roles can lead to higher earnings in the handyman industry.

Shovel Operator

Shovel operators in various industries command a salary range of $69,000 to $69,500 per year, with consistent demand across the job market. The job market for shovel operators remains active, with numerous companies seeking individuals for these roles. Surprisingly, factors such as skill level, location, and experience do not notably impact salaries in this field.

The majority of shovel operator salaries fall within the specified range, showcasing a standardization in compensation across different sectors. Shovel operators play a key role in various industries, contributing to tasks that require proficiency in operating heavy machinery.

This stability in salary and demand highlights the importance of shovel operators in keeping essential operations running smoothly. As you consider career options, the shovel operator role presents itself as a reliable choice with a competitive salary range and steady job opportunities.


Amidst various occupations in skilled labor, the role of a Tradesman involves specialized expertise in fields such as electrician or plumber, with an annual salary range typically falling between $44,000 and $55,000.

Trade school programs are essential for individuals pursuing careers as Tradesmen, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field. These programs offer hands-on training and theoretical education, preparing Tradesmen for the challenges they may face in their day-to-day work. Additionally, Tradesmen often find ample career growth opportunities as they gain experience and expertise in their specific trade.

Advancements to supervisory roles or specialized niches within their field are common paths for those looking to progress in their careers. By continuously enhancing their skills and staying up-to-date with industry trends, Tradesmen can secure better-paying positions and expand their professional horizons.

Trade School ProgramsCareer Growth Opportunities
Hands-on trainingAdvancements to supervisory roles
Theoretical educationSpecialized niches within the field
Skill developmentProfessional growth through experience

Jack of All Trades

When considering the salary range for Jack of All Trades positions, you’ll find it typically falls between $38,000 to $54,500 per year. This range reflects the diverse skills required for these roles without a specific specialization. Additionally, Jack of All Trades can advance to become general contractors, overseeing various projects and expanding their scope of work.

Salary Range Overview

An overview of the salary range for individuals working in the Jack of All Trades field reveals a potential annual income between $38,000 and $54,500. When exploring handyman salary trends, it is important to understand the significance of negotiating pay rates to guarantee fair compensation for your skills and expertise. The table below provides a breakdown of the salary range for Jack of All Trades professionals:

Low SalaryAverage SalaryHigh Salary

Analyzing the data, you can see that the average salary for Jack of All Trades falls around $46,250 per year. This range allows for some flexibility in negotiating your pay rate based on factors such as experience, location, and the complexity of tasks required. By leveraging your diverse skill set and showcasing the value you bring to each job, you can aim to secure compensation towards the higher end of the salary range.

Advancement Opportunities

Within the Jack of All Trades field, opportunities for advancement typically arise as professionals gain specialized skills and experience, leading to increased responsibilities and higher pay scales. Career development in this area often involves honing a diverse set of skills that can open doors to more specialized roles within the handyman industry.

As you acquire expertise in various areas such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and general maintenance, you may find yourself eligible for positions with greater income potential.

Advancing in the Jack of All Trades field usually means taking on more complex projects, managing larger teams, or even starting your own handyman business. This progression allows for increased autonomy, creativity in problem-solving, and the chance to work in higher-paying jobs.

By continuously expanding your skill set and demonstrating reliability and quality workmanship, you can position yourself for a rewarding career with ample opportunities for growth and financial success.


The gardener’s role involves planting and maintaining gardens or natural landscaping to ensure plant health and aesthetic appeal. Within the realm of lucrative landscaping careers, high-paying gardening roles offer salaries ranging from $36,000 to $50,500 annually. Gardening professionals are responsible for ensuring plant health, soil productivity, and visually pleasing installations. Their daily tasks may include weeding, watering, digging, and other activities aimed at maintaining the garden’s beauty and vitality. Whether employed by landscaping companies or institutional facilities, gardeners play a vital role in enhancing outdoor spaces and creating pleasant environments.

With a focus on plant care and landscape aesthetics, these roles provide an opportunity for individuals to work closely with nature while also enjoying a stable income. Pursuing a career as a gardener can be rewarding both personally and financially, especially for those passionate about horticulture and outdoor maintenance.


Swamper roles involve performing various odd jobs or assisting skilled labourers in industries like oil and gas, trucking, or firefighting. As a swamper, your job duties can vary based on the industry you work in. In the oil and gas sector, you might assist in setting up equipment, clearing brush, or ensuring the work area is safe. In trucking, your responsibilities could include loading and unloading cargo, securing loads, and maintaining the cleanliness of the truck. If you’re in firefighting, you may be tasked with preparing equipment, organizing tools, or providing support during emergencies.

The salary range for swampers typically falls between $37,000 to $50,500 per year. This role offers a stable income, and while the duties might be physically demanding, they are essential for the smooth operation of various industries. Whether it’s supporting oilfield operations, trucking logistics, or firefighting efforts, being a swamper provides valuable assistance in keeping these industries running efficiently.

Garden Center Manager

Managing the operations of a retail garden centre or nursery requires overseeing staff, budget, sales, and inventory effectively.

Garden Center Managers play an essential role in ensuring the success of the business by maintaining plant health, managing customer interactions, and maximizing sales. With a salary range of $31,000 to $48,000 per year, this position offers opportunities for advancement within the horticultural industry.

Working as a Garden Center Manager can be a stepping stone towards more lucrative gardening careers, providing valuable experience in plant care and horticultural sciences. This role involves not only overseeing the day-to-day operations but also strategizing for long-term success, including expanding product offerings, implementing marketing strategies, and optimizing customer satisfaction.

For individuals passionate about plants and gardening, becoming a Garden Center Manager can be a fulfilling career choice with the potential for growth and development in the ever-expanding green industry.

Handyman Job Salary Comparison

When comparing handyman job salaries, it’s essential to analyze the top-earning roles, highest-paying tradesman positions, and lucrative gardening careers. Understanding the earning potential in these various fields can help you make informed decisions about your career path. By examining the salary ranges of these roles, you can determine which area aligns best with your skills and financial goals.

Top Earning Handyman Jobs

Among the various handyman jobs available, some positions stand out for offering higher earning potential based on salary comparisons. When looking at the top-earning handyman jobs, certain roles command higher salaries due to factors such as specialized skills and market demand. Here is a comparison of the top-earning handyman jobs based on salary ranges:

Handyman JobSalary RangeJob Market Trends
Shovel Operator$69,000-$69,500Active job market
Tradesman$44,000-$55,000Specialized skilled labor
Jack of All Trades$38,000-$54,500Versatile skills
Gardener$36,000-$50,500Landscaping industry
Swamper$37,000-$50,500Assisting skilled workers

These roles offer varying salary ranges, with positions like Shovel Operator typically commanding higher pay due to specialized skills and market demand. Tradesman roles also fall within the top-earning category, emphasizing the importance of specialized labour in the handyman industry. Job market trends play an integral role in determining the salaries for these top-earning handyman roles.

Highest Paying Tradesman Roles

In the field of tradesman roles within the handyman industry, a comparison of salary data reveals the highest-paying positions based on specialized skills and market demands. Tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers, command a salary range of $44,000-$55,000 per year. These specialized skilled labourers are crucial in troubleshooting, problem-solving, and teamwork, often requiring good customer service and interpersonal skills. Negotiating salaries in this field can be influenced by experience and the specific demand for the trade.

On the other hand, Jack of All Trades positions offer a salary range of $38,000-$54,500 annually. These individuals possess a wide range of skills without a single specialty, allowing them to undertake various tasks, from construction to residential handyman work. Negotiating salaries for Jack of All Trades roles may depend on the versatility of the individual and the breadth of their expertise, potentially impacting their earning potential. Handyman benefits, such as job stability and the ability to work across different sectors, can also play a role in determining the overall compensation package for tradesman roles.

Lucrative Gardening Careers

Exploring the salary comparison of lucrative gardening careers within the handyman industry reveals varying earning potentials based on roles and responsibilities. Lucrative landscaping positions offer a salary range of $36,000 to $50,500 per year. These roles involve planting and maintaining gardens, ensuring plant health, and contributing to the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. High paying nursery positions, such as Garden Center Managers, can earn between $31,000 and $48,000 annually. Garden Center Managers oversee retail operations, manage staff, sales, and inventory, while also caring for plants and ensuring their well-being. These roles require experience in plant care and horticultural sciences. The earnings in these gardening careers are influenced by factors like experience, skill level, and the specific responsibilities within each role. Pursuing a career in the gardening sector can provide a stable income and opportunities for growth within the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Typical Work Hours for a Handyman?

You’ll find that as a handyman, your work hours can vary greatly. With flexible schedules, you may work weekdays, weekends, or evenings. Overtime opportunities are common, especially during busy seasons or urgent repairs.

Do Handyman Jobs Require Specialized Tools or Equipment?

When working as a handyman, you’ll need specialized tools for various tasks. Ensuring tool maintenance is important for efficiency. Additionally, following safety precautions is essential to prevent accidents and maintain a secure work environment.

Are There Opportunities for Advancement in the Handyman Field?

In the handyman field, there are ample opportunities for career growth and advancement. With the potential for increased salaries and diverse job roles, pursuing further training or specializing in a specific area can boost your prospects.

Do Handyman Jobs Typically Offer Benefits Like Health Insurance?

Handyman jobs can vary in benefit offerings. While some may provide job stability and retirement plans, others might offer job flexibility and paid time off. It’s essential to research specific positions for detailed benefits information.

How Does One Handle Disputes or Difficult Clients as a Handyman?

When handling difficult clients as a handyman, employ conflict resolution techniques. Listen actively, remain calm, and find mutually beneficial solutions. Clear communication, setting boundaries, and professionalism are key to resolving disputes effectively and maintaining positive client relationships.


In conclusion, handyman jobs offer great pay for skilled workers like shovel operators, swampers, and garden center managers. These roles provide unique opportunities to earn a good income while using your special skills. Are you ready to explore a rewarding career in the skilled trades industry? Contact All Melbourne Handyman for job opportunities in Melbourne and its suburbs. Call Us at 0466 344 447 or email quote@allmelbournehandyman.com.au for more information.

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