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Retractable awnings offer us a versatile solution to enhance our outdoor spaces. As the name suggests, these awnings can be extended to provide shade on a sunny day or retracted to invite sunlight, making them an ideal addition to any home looking to maximise their outdoor living area. Unlike fixed awnings, retractable models give us the flexibility to adapt to the weather, creating a comfortable space regardless of the elements.

Our pursuit of the ideal outdoor experience often leads us to consider various enhancements to our homes. Retractable awnings not only increase the usability of our outdoor spaces but also contribute to reducing energy costs by providing shade that limits the amount of heat entering our homes. The broad range of designs, materials, and technologies available today means that we can select an awning that perfectly complements our home’s aesthetic while meeting our specific needs.

When it comes to installation and operation, modern retractable awnings deliver ease and efficiency. Many models come with automated systems that allow us to control our awnings with the push of a button, and even integrate with home automation systems for ultimate convenience. When selecting the right awning, we must consider the size, style, and features that will best suit our homes and lifestyle, as well as the enhancements available to fully customise our outdoor shading solutions.

  • Retractable awnings increase versatility and comfort in our outdoor spaces.
  • They contribute to energy efficiency by providing adjustable shade around our homes.
  • Ease of operation and a variety of customisable options are available to fit our specific needs.

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Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics to enhance our outdoor living. They provide shade and protection while contributing to energy savings and increasing the value of our homes.

Protection from the Elements

Retractable awnings offer us significant protection against various weather conditions. Whether it’s the harsh sun on a hot summer day or an unexpected shower, we can control our outdoor comfort with a simple extension or retraction of the awning.

  • Sun: Maximum sun protection, reducing glare and exposure to UV rays.
  • Rain: Water-resistant fabrics keep our outdoor areas dry.
  • Wind: Quality designs withstand moderate winds, preserving our peace of mind.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

With a retractable awning, our outdoor living space becomes more versatile, allowing for uninterrupted entertaining and relaxation regardless of weather changes.

  • Outdoor area: Transform our patio or deck into a comfortable outdoor entertaining area.
  • Lifestyle: Adapt the space to suit our lifestyle needs, be it dining, lounging, or hosting gatherings.

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

Awnings can play a key role in reducing our energy costs. By providing shade over our windows and doors, they help to lower the indoor temperature, lessening the need for air conditioning.

  • UV rays: Fabrics with UV-resistant properties protect our skin and furnishings.
  • Shade solution: Our home stays cooler naturally, leading to energy savings.

Aesthetic Appeal and Design Versatility

The design of retractable awnings adds a contemporary edge to our home’s exterior. They come in various styles and colours, allowing us to express our personal taste or match our home’s architectural theme.

  • Styles: Wide range of designs from modern to classic.
  • Colours: Palette of colours to complement our residential aesthetic.

Increased Property Value

Investing in a high-quality retractable awning enhances our property’s marketability. It’s a feature that attracts both residential buyers and professionals including architects, designers, and builders for its practical and aesthetic benefits.

  • Value: Adds to the resale value of our home.
  • Desirability: A durable and attractive shade solution is an asset to our property.
Types of Retractable Awnings

We’ve curated a selection of retractable awnings that cater to a variety of needs, from manual to motorised systems, ensuring robust protection against sun, wind, and rain while offering versatile design options.

Manual vs Motorised Systems

Manual retractable awnings require physical effort using a crank handle, suitable for those who prefer direct control and have smaller areas to cover. On the other hand, motorised retractable awnings are equipped with a motor, often a Somfy motor, and can be operated with a remote or smartphone, offering convenience and ease, especially for larger installations.

  • Manual: Crank handle, cost-effective, more engagement
  • Motorised: Remote control, higher cost, greater convenience

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are distinguished by their durable arms that extend and retract the fabric without needing vertical supports. This type makes optimum use of space and is adaptable to a variety of settings, providing ample protection from sunlight.

  • Design Elements: Robust arms, versatile fit, sleek look
  • Protection: Effective against sun and light rain

Retractable Roof Systems

Retractable roof systems, or conservatory awnings, offer a more permanent solution and can be customised in size and design to fit various outdoor spaces. They provide comprehensive protection and are particularly useful for patios or commercial venues.

  • Features: Durable frame, retractable roofing, custom sizes
  • Climate: Shield against sun, wind, and heavy rain

Customisation Options

Our retractable awnings are highly customisable. We offer a range of options from size, colours, to awning pitch, ensuring that the awning fits the aesthetic and functional needs of your space.

  • Design: Tailored to client’s specifications
  • Flexibility: Options to suit unique configurations

Fabric and Material Selection

We utilise high-quality materials to ensure longevity and performance. The fabrics, primarily acrylic or polyester, are designed to resist water, UV rays, and mildew. The frames are treated to prevent rust and fading.

  • Fabrics: Acrylic, polyester; UV-resistant, water-repellant
  • Frame: Corrosion-resistant, sturdy against various weather conditions

Electric Retractable Awning Melbourne

Installation and Operation of Electric Awnings

At All Melbourne Handyman, we understand that it’s imperative to acknowledge that proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial for the retractable awning’s function and durability. We’ll guide you through the installation process, operational mechanisms, and the essentials of maintenance and care.

Installation Process

To ensure quality and safety, we begin by carefully reading the manufacturer’s installation instructions. For the frame installation, sturdy brackets must be secured to the wall, which typically requires drilling and the use of provided hardware. When it comes to size, it’s vital to measure the area accurately before assembling the awning to avoid any discrepancies.

  • Prepare Tools and Hardware: Ensure you have all the necessary tools and hardware laid out.
  • Measuring:
    • Width: Measure the intended area twice for accuracy.
    • Height: Determine the appropriate height considering door or window clearance.
  • Assembling the Frame: Follow the manual to assemble the frame, making sure all parts are fitted snugly.
  • Attaching the Awning: With at least two experienced individuals, lift and secure the awning onto the brackets.

Operational Mechanisms

Retractable awnings can be operated manually or through motorisation. For manual operation, a crank handle is used to extend or retract the awning, a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

  • Manual Operation: Utilise the crank handle in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to open or close the awning.
  • Motorised Options:
    • Remote Control: Control the awning’s movement with the convenience of a remote.
    • Sensors: Some models include sun and wind sensors, which automate the awning’s response to weather conditions.

Maintenance and Care

To preserve the quality and functionality of your retractable awning, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the fabric to prevent mildew and checking the frame and moving parts for signs of corrosion or rust.

  • Cleaning: Use mild detergent and water to clean the awning fabric; rinse thoroughly.
  • Inspection:
    • Check for Corrosion or Rust: Inspect the frame regularly, especially if you live in a coastal area.
    • Hardware Integrity: Ensure bolts and joints remain tight and secure.
  • Retraction: Always retract the awning during high winds or storms to avoid damage.
Australian Made Retractable Awning

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What sets us apart

Selecting the Right Awning

When selecting an awning, it’s crucial to assess specifics like size, mounting location, and exposure to the elements to cater to the unique requirements of our outdoor space. We aim to ensure maximum protection from the sun, wind, and rain, whilst prioritising quality and design that withstands the Australian climate.

Determining the Appropriate Size

To guarantee optimal coverage, we must measure our outdoor area accurately. The dimensions should reflect the area we wish to shade, ensuring a sizeable awning for a small balcony or expansive terrace. For instance, if we’re seeking maximum sun protection for a pool area, we might opt for a larger, more durable model.

  • Small area sizes: Ideal for balconies, select awnings starting from 2.5m in width.
  • Large area sizes: For pools and terraces, sizes can range up to 6m or more.

Considerations for Mounting Location

The quality of mounting impacts both the awning’s performance and longevity. We need to inspect the structural integrity of the walls or ceilings where it will be installed. The location must support the awning’s weight and operation without compromise.

  • Wall mounting: Ensure the wall is sturdy, and check for electrical wiring and plumbing.
  • Ceiling mounting: Verify the ceiling can handle the awning’s load, particularly in wind.

Climate and Environmental Factors

Our awning’s durability hinges on its ability to withstand our dynamic Australian weather. The material should resist fading and the frame must be robust enough to cope with the Beaufort wind scale’s defined pressures.

  • Sun exposure: Opt for UV-resistant fabrics.
  • Wind resistance: Choose a design rated for local wind speeds; if frequently windy, consider an awning with reinforced structure or wind sensors.
  • Rain protection: Water-resistant fabrics with a good drainage system are crucial.

By factoring these elements into our choice, we can assure that our awning is a resilient and valuable addition to our outdoor living space.

Accessories and Enhancements

There are a multitude of accessories and enhancements available which can elevate the functionality of our retractable awning. These additions not only aim to improve comfort but also offer greater control and protection.

Integrated Heating and Lighting

To extend the use of our outdoor entertaining area into the cooler evenings, we can install integrated heating systems. These systems ensure our space remains comfortable, even when the temperature drops. Lighting options, such as LED strips or spotlights, can be seamlessly added to enhance visibility and atmosphere.

Additional Weather Protection

Our retractable awnings can be fitted with extra features for weather protection. A rain hood, for instance, provides an additional layer to shield against rain, ensuring the durability and longevity of the awning fabric. Side screens may be added to offer protection from gusty winds and low-angled sunlight, maximising shade and comfort.

Control and Automation Features

For ease of use, we can incorporate a variety of control and automation features. Awnings may be motorised and paired with remote controls for straightforward operation. The incorporation of sun and wind sensors allows the awning to automatically adjust based on the weather conditions, enhancing both its function and flexibility.

  • Manual Awnings: Traditional and cost-effective.
  • Motorised Awnings: Add convenience and ease with a simple press of a button.



Sun Sensor

Automatically extends the awning in bright sunlight.

Wind Sensor

Retracts the awning during high winds to prevent damage.

Remote Control

Allows control from a distance with no physical effort.

By selecting the right combination of these features, we can tailor the awning to our specific needs, ensuring both practicality and pleasure in our outdoor living spaces.

Purchasing Tips and Considerations

When choosing a retractable awning, it is crucial to consider factors that ensure durability, budget-friendliness, and appropriate support. Here we’ll guide you through important aspects such as quality, budget allocation, purchase locations, and warranty terms.

Quality and Longevity

In assessing the quality and longevity of a retractable awning, focus on the frame and fabric. A sturdy frame, often constructed of aluminium, resists corrosion and can withstand the Australian climate’s challenges, including sun, wind, and rain. The fabric should be UV-resistant to offer prolonged protection and maintain its appearance. We advise opting for Australian-made options that are tailored for local conditions.

Allocating Your Budget

When planning your budget, it’s not only the initial cost that counts but also the value over time.

  • Initial Cost: Price of awning, installation fees.
  • Long-Term Value: Durability, maintenance costs, energy savings from sun protection.

Balance your upfront expenditure with potential savings on energy bills, favouring options that may cost more now but offer greater benefits in the long run.

Where to Buy

Purchasing from reputable sources is imperative. We recommend exploring the following:

  • Local Stores: Benefit from seeing the product in person.
  • Specialised Dealers: They offer extensive options and expert advice.
  • Online Retailers: Convenience, often with broader selections.

Consult with experienced builders, architects, and designers to ensure that you’re buying the best product for your needs.

Warranty and Support

Finally, ensure you understand the warranty and after-sales support offered:

  • Warranty Length: A minimum of 5 years is desirable.
  • Support Type: Look for local customer service for prompt assistance.

Confirm the coverage for potential issues, understanding that a strong warranty reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in their quality and durability.

Quality of work

Outstanding electric awning installation services prioritize the quality of their work above all else.

Attention to detail

An efficient electric awning installation service ensures meticulous attention to every detail, starting from the initial planning phase to the final adjustments.


Good communication is key in any successful renovation project.

Case Studies and Use Scenarios

Let’s now examine specific instances where retractable awnings have enhanced both residential and commercial spaces, showcasing the impact of high-quality design and customisation on modern lifestyles.

Residential Installations

Retractable awnings have significantly improved the way we enjoy our outdoor areas at home. Customised solutions cater to different home designs, from traditional to modern aesthetics. We’ve seen foldable arm awnings transform a simple terrace into a versatile outdoor living space, offering both shade and style.

  • Example 1: A Sydney home utilised a high-quality retractable awning to expand its living space, effectively blending indoor comfort with outdoor freedom.
  • Example 2: In Melbourne, a customised pergola design with integrated retractable awnings provided a functional and elegant solution for unpredictable weather, enhancing the homeowners’ lifestyle.

Commercial Applications

Our commercial applications demonstrate how retractable awnings can be both functional and stylish for businesses. They provide outdoor space solutions that cater to customers’ comfort and contribute to the venue’s modern design.

  • Case 1: A Brisbane café extended its seating area with a durable, modern awning, allowing more patrons to enjoy the outdoor ambience without concern for sun or rain.
  • Case 2: A folding arm awning was installed at a Perth hotel, creating a luxurious outdoor lounge area, adding value to the guests’ experience and the hotel’s appeal.

Custom Projects

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer versatile, customised solutions for unique outdoor spaces. Each project demands a unique approach to integrate seamlessly with the existing design and enhance the outdoor area’s functionality.

  • Project Highlight: A custom-designed awning was installed over a large outdoor terrace in Adelaide, which required a complex structure to match its modern architecture without compromising on design or quality.

  • Custom Feature: In Hobart, we encountered a challenge with a heritage-listed property. Our solution was a bespoke retractable awning that preserved the integrity of the building while providing the desired outdoor coverage.

Elevate your outdoor experience with Al Handyman Melbourne’s exceptional Electric Awning services. Our expertise isn’t limited to indoor renovations; we excel in transforming your outdoor spaces into luxurious, functional areas with our top-notch Electric Awnings.

Our dedicated team at Al Handyman Melbourne is committed to delivering outstanding results from the start to the end of your project. We focus on meticulous execution and unwavering dedication, ensuring that your Electric Awning installation is handled with the utmost precision. Trust us to adhere to your timelines, ensuring punctuality and efficiency throughout the process.

Communication is at the heart of our service. At Al Handyman Melbourne, we engage in open and clear dialogue with our clients, ensuring your vision for the outdoor space is realized perfectly. Our skilled professionals use only premium quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure your Electric Awnings are both beautiful and durable.

Serving all areas of Melbourne, including the eastern suburbs, our insured team is ready to cater to your needs. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us transform your outdoor area with our elegant and practical Electric Awnings. Don’t wait any longer for the outdoor space of your dreams. Reach out to us now for a quote on your Electric Awning installation.

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Motorized retractable awnings are powered by an electric motor, allowing us to extend and retract the awning with the push of a button. These awnings offer convenience and can often be controlled via a remote or through smart home systems.

For a waterproof retractable awning, we should look for durable water-resistant fabric, robust frame construction, and a drainage system to channel away rainwater. Additionally, UV protection and mildew resistance are important features to maintain the awning’s longevity.

The price range for retractable awnings in Australia can vary widely based on size, material, and motorisation. Generally, the cost ranges from AUD 2,000 to AUD 6,000. Custom sizes and advanced features can increase the price further.

Some highly regarded retractable awnings in the Australian market include brands like Luxaflex, Sunbrella, and Oztech. These manufacturers are known for their quality materials, innovative designs, and reliable durability in Australia’s harsh weather.

The primary disadvantages of retractable awnings can include the initial cost of investment, the potential for mechanical failure over time, and maintenance requirements to keep the awning functioning properly and looking its best.

Installing a retractable awning on your own is feasible if you have the necessary tools and expertise. It’s crucial to consider the awning’s weight, proper alignment, securing it to a suitable structure, and when in doubt, consulting or hiring a professional is advisable to ensure safety and correct installation.

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